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The Business Case for Lync Clients

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Lync’s ease of use makes it simple to deploy for organizations of all sizes. Being far more than a glorified instant messenger, Lync not only makes communication instant but also comprehensive. Having your co-workers listed in an active environment, all within a single click,  is unprecedented. Lync makes sense for business. It acts as a hub for all internal communications, augmenting Outlook in various ways and making contacts available across Office applications. And while Microsoft’s end-game relies on replacing the PBX system, there’s still a way to integrate Lync with a PBX while you find the resources needed to make the final switch. For more information, check out the Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Planning Tool in order to gauge your Lync preparedness.  If you’re still hesitant, then there’s never been a better time download the free six moth trial directly from Microsoft!

Microsoft is not only aiming to enhance the ability of the enterprise to respond to today’s  evolving work styles and need for real time collaboration, but intends to add real value in an all-encompassing way.  A cost/benefit analysis from the Forrester Research Group found that: the key benefits of replacing PBX hardware, reducing teleconferencing and web conferencing costs, telephone engineering workload reductions, help desk call volume reductions and enhanced productivity yielded a 337% three-year risk adjusted return on investment with a 12-month payback period. Additionally, Marquette University recently dropped their PBX system and adopted Lync, cutting their communications costs in half, going from $240,000 to $120,000 a year. When a school board in Houston wanted to outfit their system with wireless voice, video and workplace collaboration they had two options: PBX @ $60,000 a pop, or Lync at a paltry $3000 each. Suffice to say, Microsoft now delivers unparalleled educational access to over 4200 students across Houston. Even Nikon has decided to outfit  1000 of their personnel with Lync and Polycom’s CX600 desk phone. They’ve increased productivity by 30%, and hope to cut their telecom costs in half. Stoneridge likewise deployed Polycom’s CX600  internationally and expects to cut $230,000 from long-distance costs and $2.5 million from their overall IT budget.

Not good enough? Then howabout the time Lync beat a Wisconscin Blizzard? There’s a reason that “seventy percent of the Fortune 500 is now on Lync” so shouldn’t you be too?

Dump that PBX and Lync up! MADSolutions Professional Services makes the switch easy. With over thirteen years of experience in developing active directory tools and email management solutions, we have implemented, upgraded and migrated countless companies to the latest version of Microsoft Exchange and look forward to hearing from you.



Microsoft, Microsoft, Microsoft

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In the unified communications world, Microsoft has been on a hot streak as of late and it doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. Its most recent acquisition of Nortel patents plays well with the roll out of Lync, partnership with Polycom and Skype purchase, which entrenches Microsoft as a major player in the enterprise communications field. And with Wednesday’s unveiling of the first Mango phone in Japan expect to witness more of Microsoft’s three-fold plan for UC dominance.

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