Attachment Analyzer
The MADSolutions Attachment Analyzer is a free utility provided by MADSolutions to allow users to assess their mailbox or PST/OST files and obtain some interesting information with respect to messages and attachments.
The MADSolutions Attachment Analyzer can be downloaded from the MADSolutions website and saved on any users desktop that has Outlook 2003, 2007 or 2010 (32 bit version) installed with an active profile. Extracting the zip file will provide an end user with the ability to launch the analyzer by running the “Analyzer.exe”. This little wizard will access the current Outlook profile and obtain the following information:
Number of folders found
Number of messages found
Number of attachments found
Amount of space consumed by attachments
Approximate mailbox size
Once this information is collected, a report is generated and displayed providing you with information about your mailbox along with some interesting calculations including the estimated percentage in space reduction that could be obtained if attachments were removed.
Whether you’re looking to clean up your email or would just like to have some better insight into your mailbox content and why your mailbox is the size it is, the MADSolutions Attachment Analyzer is a handy free utility.
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