DL Manager - Roadmap

An Active Directory tool that gives you unfettered control over your Exchange distribution lists.

The current version of DL Manager, version 9, is a Active Directory server tool with capabilities to create and update Active Directory security and distribution groups either manually or via a predetermined schedule.
The upcoming version slated for release sometime in late 2011 or earlier 2012 will be more end user centric and part of the Directory Information Management Suite of products. The individual solutions of the suite are designed to work well together and integrate as a fully comprehensive solution should a company chose to deploy the entire suite. Customers will have the flexibility with this new suite to purchase only the functionality they require. The functionality of DL Manager plus more will be available under the umbrella of the MADSolutions Directory Information Management Suite 10.
Following Microsoft’s lead, this new suite of products will be designed specifically for the Windows Active Directory 2008 and later and will leverage:
New Web Services to enable ease of use by various devices
The latest Microsoft Visual Studio development tools
The benefits of 64 bit managed code
Technologies enabling integration with hosted and cloud based solutions
The products slated for the MADSolutions Directory Information Management Suite 10 will be announced in the coming months.  Stay tuned and follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook to get the latest news about our upcoming email maintenance products.